What do blue or green lights mean on a car?

Volunteer firefights are allowed to equip their vehicles with a blue light and ambulance volunteers are allowed to equip their vehicles with a green light if they choose. A blue light does not give them the rights of an emergency vehicle with lights and siren on. However, these lights are meant to communicate to other motorists on the road that they are in fact responding to an emergency. We do ask that motorists pull to the right whenever safely possible to allow these vehicles with blue lights to cautiously pass by. Keep in mind, these volunteers could be responding to your house. Persons operating a blue light are not authorized to violate any vehicle and traffic laws in New York State. New York State Vehicle & Traffic Laws Article 9 states that a “blue light may be affixed to any motor vehicle owned by a volunteer member of a fire department… provided such volunteer fireman has been authorized in writing to affix a blue light by the chief of the fire department… The blue light may be turned on by the volunteer firefighter only when engaged in an emergency operation.”